Corona Killer - Walk Through Mass Disinfector

Let's Fight COVID-19 by Design

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Sprays disinfectant upto 05 seconds and kills virus within a minute.

The disinefectant (6% Hydrogen Peroxide) used has been approved by CDC and EPA - USA.

The user doesn't need to touch anything or put his/ her things anywhere.

A short buzzer alerts user of starting of spray and a long buzzer alerts of stop.

An LED display counter that counts and displays the number of persons disinfected.

GSM and WiFi enabled sensor to measure Tank-level and alert when the disinfectant goes below a threshold level.

This Disinfector can be installed at the entrance of any building to sanitize people entering/ exiting it.

The sprayed disinfectant is collected in a tray which can be reused to disinfect roads and societies.

How it Works

Walk inside the Walk-through disinfector

Put your hands up, close your eyes, and stand for 05 seconds

Come out & don’t wipe for 1 minute from your body

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